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About SASI Scoop

The Scoop and Sack It, also known as the S.A.S.I. Scoop, is a pooper scooper invented through the innovative mind of a 10-year old boy living in Broomfield, Colorado.  After using many different poop scoops on the market to clean up after his own dogs, Aaron decided to create one that really worked.  His version features a telescoping handle and utilizes ordinary grocery bags.

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Best poop scoop to buy for picking up dog poop.


      I don't know anyone that likes picking up poop after their dog, but its all apart of having a dog. Why not make it as easy as possible, by using the best poop scoop made.

  • ThSASISCOOPere are  scoops that have a scoop with a handle and a rake with a handle, which leaves a problem of having to carry a bag to dump it into. The handles are just one length to fit everyone.



  • One type of scoop has a set of spring loaded jaws that open and shut when you squeeze a handle. This would be difficult if you have arthritis or to young to operate it. I think a persons hand would get tired, if they had alot to do. You still have to carry a bag in the other hand to dump it and has only one height for everyone using it.


  • One scoop has a handle that has a bag attached, that you hold under the dog while it poops. Not sure how that works.


  • Some scoops have a bag attached with small teeth or flat edge that cannot dig the poop out of the grass.


  • Others have long skinny teeth that get stuck in the grass. 


  • The one scoop that works best, and the others try to copy is the SASISCOOP. Even though it was invented by a ten year old boy, it stands out among all the others. It has a telescoping handle to fit everyone, a grocery bag attaches to it, the teeth are designed to slide through the grass and not get stuck, the teeth are long enough to dig down into the grass to get the forgotten ones, the design cuts down on the time it takes, and you Scoop And Sack IT in one easy motion.

     You can make your own decision on how easy you want to make your job of picking up dog poop. Once you try the SASISCOOP you will join the others and agree that it really does work great!

     See if you agree with our current users!

Happy Scooping!

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